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"The Passion Translation was launched by the skill of the Sanders. We will be forever grateful for the years we spent with their publishing company. 5 Fold Media is one of the best; you can trust them to lead you on the right path."
Brian Simmons
Lead Translator for The Passion Translation, endorsed by best-selling author Bill Johnson

The world we live in as authors today is diverse; publishing is diverse and can be complex. In order to meet the growing changes and demands of authors worldwide, 5 Fold Media specializes in co-publishing, self-publishing, and other publishing services. From design and manufacturing all the way to distribution, marketing, and fulfillment, our professional team is ready to work with you, the author, on your project. Sometimes authors just need a little coaching and training through the publishing process, or they may simply need individual publishing services (such as graphic design, interior design/layout, editing, printing, etc.). We are also prepared and ready to supply our clients with what they need to get them to the next level of their writing goals.

Our Professional Publishing Options include:


This program is designed for authors, first-time or previously published, who need to order a larger quantity of books because of the scope of their ministry or business. The author will purchase a significant quantity of books at a very large discount at the first print run. With this program, 5 Fold Media will cover the manufacturing cost for the book project, which includes everything from editing to distribution.

Book Manufacturing

This program is for the avid writer who is called to be an author and is ready to be propelled to the next level of business or ministry. You may already travel and/or have an authority in the field that you wish to write about, but your current publishing needs do not require you to purchase a large quantity of books up front. The author will pay for the manufacturing cost of the book and purchase a smaller quantity of books. This program is similar to a self-publishing model, however, it offers a higher quality of product and service with greater standards in the industry.

If you are interested in the publishing options above, please visit our Manuscript Submission page.

Other Publishing Services:

The services listed below are for authors and clients who are self-publishing and need a service we provide, have previously published a book and need some additional work, or are starting the process for the first time and want individual services like those listed below. In this scenario, we offer the same high quality service and skill, but with individual prices based on what each author needs. For example, an author may choose to publish their book through CreateSpace, but want us to handle editing and layout. We are happy to assist in whatever area is needed.

Individual Publishing Services

Choose wisely when selecting a team to handle your publishing needs. Don't trust your hard work to just anyone. When it comes to publishing service, you get what you pay for in most cases with regard to excellent quality. Value for your money is important in all things, but remember—cheaper isn’t better when it comes to your publishing needs. Our professional team can handle any aspect of publishing and writing from development to fulfillment.


Graphic Design (for book covers or other projects): Having created over 200 book covers, we have a lot of experience with designing many different styles. We can also custom design graphics for websites, promotional materials, and other projects you may have. Click for graphic design samples.

Manuscript Interior Design (layout/formatting/typesetting/pagination): Our designers have created the interior design for over 200 books. Click to see examples of our interior design work.


E-Book Conversion

Our e-book conversion ensures that it will look right in e-readers and other devices so important spacing and imagery are not lost, as they can easily be with generic conversion. We not only create the files but will test them on multiple devices to ensure readability and quality.


Transcription Service

Preachers or pastors, are you in need of transcription service to convert your messages into a manuscript document? Our transcription services are catered just for you! Our professional team will take your old or new audio or video message and transcribe it into a Word document. It's time to get out all those messages that you have been wanting to turn into a book and let us assist you with your transcription needs.



Legal Content Reading: Our professional team can go through your manuscript to specifically look for any legal issues that you may have overlooked. We can then give advice for how to fix the problem.

Copy Editing: Copy editing is necessary for fixing spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes as well as for verifying the accuracy of quotations, paraphrases, and Scripture references.

Content Editing: A content edit deals with reconstruction of sentences and content structure to help the book flow better and to be more readable.

Ghostwriting: Ghostwriting either takes a book's outlined concept and forms the main content of the book itself or is a complete rewrite of a book to greatly increase the quality of the manuscript.

Author Coaching

With 5 Fold Media's author coaching program you will get hands-on training and practical teaching about many aspects of the publishing industry, like how to properly prepare your manuscript for trade standard publishing. This will either allow you to publish your manuscript by yourself or to pitch to a traditional publisher in a way that is acceptable to the industry. All major aspects of the international trade standard publishing industry are covered in this training, ranging from the manuscript process all the way to international distribution and marketing.

This publishing training will only complement your gifts and calling and goes with you, building a writing-publishing platform for the rest of your life. Without a doubt, knowing this information will never hurt your goals, but will rather build them up. From assistance with writing your manuscript all the way to training about publishing and everything in between, we are ready to establish you in your writing goals. The heartbeat of 5 Fold Media is to train up authors who are knowledgeable about the publishing industry and who can make wise choices when it comes to their writing passions and publishing pursuits.

On-site Publishing, Writing, and Marketing Seminars

Do you have a group of authors in your church or ministry who are called to write but maybe are unfamiliar with how the international trade standard publishing industry works? We have all been there at one time or another if you have learned to survive and thrive in this industry. Our team consists of writers, ministers, and publishing professionals who have devoted their lives to the call of Christian publishing service. With this skill and knowledge, we want help those called to write for God’s kingdom to be more productive and fruitful than ever before. If you would like to know more about our on-site seminar training days, please contact us.

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