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Founded in 2009, 5 Fold Media resides in New York and has published over 200 titles. The majority of the authors in the list below represents authors who have published through 5 Fold Media, and the rest are clients who went through our training or have worked with our press over the years; this isn't an exhaustive list of everyone we have served in the publishing industry. 5 Fold Media has helped some of our authors move on to larger publishers. In some cases, some of our former authors now own their own publishing homes that we helped build. Here at 5 Fold Media, we do not believe in competing with other publishers because God told us from the start that there will be more Christian writers on the earth than publishers can handle.


Brian Lake, Author of Open Doors You Never Knew Existed

“Brian Lake’s book, Open Doors You Never Knew Existed, comes at a very strategic time for God’s church. This book holds keys to usher God’s people into new levels of provision, abundance, and breakthroughs in the realms of glory.”
Mahesh Chavda
Senior Pastor, All Nations Church
Chavda Ministries International, Charlotte, NC


John Carter, Author of The Transformed Life

“In his book, The Transformed Life, John Carter offers so much. This book is a study guide on doctrine, an aid to help you know how to recognize a good church, and a map to help you discover, identify, and develop your gifts with insights on how to utilize them effectively—all this and so much more.”
Rick Renner, Teacher, Author, and Senior Pastor of Moscow Good News Church, Moscow, Russia
* The Transformed Life is foreworded by Pastor A.R. Bernard and received endorsements from best-selling authors Phil Cooke, Rick Renner, and Tony Cooke. Now with another publishing house.


Brian Simmons, Lead Translator of The Passion Translation

The Passion Translation is truly alive, constantly unveiling the heart of a loving Father. It is the most exciting thing to happen to Bible translations in my lifetime.”
Bill Johnson, Senior Pastor, Bethel Church, Redding, CA, and author

“Reading this translation will enlighten your heart, mind, and spirit as you are summoned into the essence of the Man, Christ Jesus’ undeniable love for you. I highly recommend this new Bible translation to everyone.”
Dr. Ché Ahn, Senior Pastor, HRock Church, Pasadena, CA, President, Harvest International Ministry

The Passion Translation is now with another publishing house.


Caleb Hyers, Author of Living in Dependenceville

“Get ready to encounter the joy and freedom of salvation—kingdom living in all its fullness! We know that you’ll love what you read as it’s wonderfully and solidly supported by the Word of God and beautifully described through the eyes of this true worshiper!”
Dr. Brian Simmons, Lead Translator of The Passion Translation


Abraham John, Author of The Power and Authority of the Church, Kingdom Mandate, The Three Most Important Decisions of Your Life, and others

This book will change your perception and understanding about yourself and the ekklesia (church) of which you are a part. If we apply the principles outlined in this book and the one I will mention at the end of this, we will see any nation coming to Christ within ten to fifteen years of time without a single gospel crusade or healing rally.


Brian Orme, Author of The Ascended Life

"I love practical but deep tools. I found one in The Ascended Life by Brian Orme! He has laid out a simple 21-day guide to get readers to live a deeper and more connected life with God, and it is full of practical connection points like declarations and prayers. I think these are exactly the kinds of tools that we need in the social media-driven, high-paced age during which we have to be this deliberate in setting apart real time for a real God journey. This book will frame it for you."
Shawn Bolz, Author of Translating God


Stephen Lewis, Author ofActs, The Next Generation

"If you have a desire to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit then consider Acts: The Next Generation an excellent source of inspiration and study guide. This book is not a “how to” book, but a source whereby the reader may gain insight on the truth that we are part of the book of Acts."
Mark M. Babin, Senior Pastor, Celebration Center, Fort Fairfield, Maine


Andy Sanders, Author of Things to Come; coauthor of Healed! and the Wisdom in Writing Series

“Open the pages of this book and as through a heavenly telescope you will begin to see 'Things to Come' concerning your life and the nations. From the supernatural deliverance in Andy's own life to the divine interventions coming upon the earth, your faith will rise to assure you that there is a hope and a future even in perilous times ahead.”
Bill Yount, Prophetic Evangelist and Author 


Jodie Dye, Author of Beauty Treatments

“Jodie’s passion for leading women on a journey toward uncovering their true beauty is inspiring. It’s my hope that the words and Scripture in Beauty Treatments will help you draw close to the Creator and King, coming to rest in the truth that, in Him, you are fearfully and wonderfully made.”
Matt Hammitt, Singer, Songwriter, Speaker, and Author, Former Lead Singer of Sanctus Real


Hermie Reynolds, Author of Discovering God, Discovering Jesus, and Discovering the Holy Spirit

“Hermie's books, will help you learn more about Him. It will also help you connect with the Trinity in ways that you may have never thought of or ever actually done before.”
Walter P. Barr, Director and Lead Pastor of the Cincinnati House of Prayer (C-HOP)


Cathy Sanders, Author of Before You Publish, The Writer's Scripture Guide, and Coauthor of Healed! and select titles of the Wisdom in Writing Series

“The publishing landscape is a minefield of misunderstanding littered with debris of disappointed authors. This Wisdom in Writing Series will arm you with the insights and strategies you need to avoid becoming a publishing casualty!"
David Welday, President, Welday Consulting and Coaching, HigherLife Publishing and Marketing


Mandy Adendorff, Author of God Magnet

“Mandy Adendorff has given us a GPS, a God Positional System, to realign us with God’s purpose. Get ready for some of the greatest changes to come into your life as the God Magnet locks on to you! You won’t be able to resist this love and grace until His dream is fulfilled.”
Dr. Brian Simmons, Lead Translator of The Passion Translation


Lanny Swaim, Author of Kingdom Manna

“I have know Lanny Swaim for over twenty years. We have worked together on several recordings, spending many hours in the studio. Lanny is a talented singer, musician, songwriter, and a dedicated Christian. I consider him not only a customer, but a real friend. His music and life and inspirational.”
Rick Sandidge, Record Producer, Recording and Mixing Engineer, The Mark Five Company, Hendersonville, TN


Barb Ylitalo, Author of The Time To Testify

“Too many people in the evangelical community have given up on there ever being revival in our nation and in the hearts of today’s young adults. Barb Yo (Ylitalo) has reminded us that God is still ready to fight for and with us who believe on His name. She inspires us to believe that He can change a generation and our nation.”
D. James Johnson, Missions Pastor, Rocky Mountain Calvary Church, Colorado Springs, Colorado


Loren Decker, Author of I Love You, Church

We’re certain that you’ll enjoy Loren’s “God winks” with heartwarming, edifying, and at times convicting stories! They’re heartfelt, delightful, and easy to read stories that everyone can identify with. This makes a great devotional!”
Dr. Brian Simmons, Lead Translator of The Passion Translation


Bobby Coleman, Author of Consider the Squirrel

“This book is a wonderful tool for inspiring vision, recovering from disappointment, and seeing life from God’s point of view. It has powerful resources that have the potential to help anyone build a road map for personal growth and success in life and ministry.”
Pastor John R. Carter, Lead Pastor of Abundant Life Christian Center, Syracuse, NY and Author of The Transformed Life


Kathy Dolman, Author of The Light at Hope's End and The Miracle at Hope's End

The Miracle at Hope’s End by Kathy Dolman is the second book in the Hope’s End series. The story centers around the lives of those living in the town of Hope’s End, and focuses on the shattered life of Linda Ross, who discovers a mysterious light on the hillside across from her home. Her quest to understand the source of the light and the powerful gift she is given will keep you turning the pages.


Rebekah Cumming, Author of A Year in Daljarn

A Year in Daljarn is a lovely read and a great first novel. I enjoyed the interplay between the two main characters Annabell Worth and Scott Henley and the related saga of the future of Daljarn. I though the descriptive writing and rural location were a real highlight. There were many twists and turns along the way to keep the reader guessing, and you sustained the drama over the journey very effectively. You have a bright future in romance writing!
Guy Salvidge, Award-winning Author of Yellowcake Springs and Yellowcake Summer



Randy Lewis, Author of From Addiction to God

“This book is like a mile marker, pointing the way to truth. As you’ll see, God’s truth is more than being spoon-fed by a man in a pulpit. Randy is one of the best people to tell you about the true meaning behind Jesus’s message of salvation—because he’s lived it and continues to live it every day of his life.”
Ashley Riley, Freelance Writer


David Siriano, Author of Intergalactic Warfare

Intergalactic Warfare describes the warfare of power and victory for God as we serve and live for Him. We are to worship God so that He will have more influence than the Devil has over individual lives and nations of the world. This gives God spiritual warfare victory. There is a strong connection between what happens with spiritual warfare in the heavens and what happens here on Earth.


Bethany Largent, Author of A Season for Hope

A Season for Hope by Bethany Largent follows the story of Gwendolyn Klein, a soiled dove who suddenly finds herself with child. She never imagined her life turning out like this when desperate measures landed her in a bawdy house at the tender age of fourteen. Desperate for a fresh start and a quiet place to raise her daughter alone, she sets out with little more than the clothes on her back and her newfound faith in God. But when she meets handsome young Tucker Lawson, a conductor for the Underground Railroad, does she dare hope for a second chance?


Michael Lombardo, Author of Born for More

Born for More is a beautifully written testimony of life coupled with passionate searching of the Word of God. If you want to dive into the knowledge of God's immense love, presence, and His desire to enter into a divine romance, this is the book for you!”
Jason Lee Jones, Senior Leader, the Godbreed Company


Steve and Lennette Deal, Authors of Daddy, If You Only Knew

"As you read Daddy If You Only Knew, you will experience the Holy Spirit’s transforming and healing power in your own life. From the pens of these children, you will experience their pain, and the longing to be loved, nurtured, and taught by their Father."
Abraham R. Brown, Founder & CEO of Abe Brown Ministries


I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the Lord has done” (Psalms 118:17 NIV).

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